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Deciding or Decided on Microsoft 365 or Google Suite?

We help make the choice for your business' needs and goals.

Assistance in strategic navigation of the next generation of IT services for your business. Whether old, new, recently transformed, or striving for the transformation, we invest in technology knowledge and experience so you don’t have to spend the same energy learning tech instead of building a big future.

Map out your future steps, discover, and apply the products and services of tomorrow.


At Habitusnet Consulting we approach Information Technology differently than other companies do. We take the time to truly understand our clients’ businesses and long-term visions to help them harness the right technology to protect their current assets.

All the while, we also work towards making their long-term goals a reality.


With a strong history of eighteen years providing top-notch IT services and support, our experts work closely with clients to develop a trusted relationship and become an extension of their businesses rather than an outside service provider


Habitusnet Consulting’s cloud services offer technology solutions for your business that are secure, easier to use, and oftentimes more affordable for small businesses.


We are IT consultants, solution providers, and equipment partners who know how important your technological habitat is for your business – and for your private life. Choosing the best way to work within a business ecosystem leverages new growth. And technology aligned to your business goals ensures that your IT operations don’t just run smoothly, but also facilitate your work performance. We can help you re-align your business technology to meet you or your company’s underlying aims and values.

Today’s technology landscape is complex but tremendously exciting. We help you identify the areas where your business can benefit and make you a leader in your field. We can make your IT profitable so that it adds value to your business and doesn’t drain your resources. You can also easily turn your IT into a revenue producer. And you need to make inspired decisions as well about, e.g. in-house and outsourced services. The result: your company will be more competitive and more responsive to its customers.

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IT is much more than just keeping your systems running. Having the right IT strategy transforms your company. You need someone who is looking “two curves ahead” to foresee what developments in technology will mean for you. Your company can reap the benefits of this kind of executive-level thinking without hiring a full-time CIO. We are on call offering you a dedicated focus on your business needs and an overview of your systems and strategy while keeping to the budget that you set.

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You can only be as good as the support services offered for the equipment you use. As our partner, you will appreciate our expertise when it comes to providing you with the exact equipment you need. We know the top manufacturers, the best dealers and prices and, of course, which products will give you security, reliability, and innovation. We work together with industry leading technology partners to offer best of breed equipment.

In business technology, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Your business requirements determine your virtual platform and our experience also gives you a broad perspective of the platforms that are available. Determining which platform provides you with the best solution is an important part of your transition to a virtual operating environment. Allow us to advise you and help you build a custom solution.


Our solutions are customer driven not vendor driven. VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix, Google, and Apple all have “solutions” for the SME. After over 20 years of providing systems, we understand that mixing various vendors’ competitive solutions together and knowing the solution concept of each company will ensure the best results for our clients. This means you will find many different brands and products represented by our company.