Deciding or Decided on Microsoft 365 or Google Suite?

We help make the choice for your business' needs and goals.

Assistance in strategic navigation of the next generation of IT services for your business. Whether old, new, recently transformed, or striving for the transformation, we invest in technology knowledge and experience so you don’t have to spend the same energy learning tech instead of building a big future.

Innovations Driven by Data & Information Technology


Information Technology is an old profession, but it is also transforming every day.  From security, to automation, to remote working, and onward to digital business model impacts, like millions of experts, out there, we aim to guess the future for our client’s benefit.

Is vision of excellent service is to drive innovation, move fast, and align to our client’s long-term visions but with the focus to help them harness the right technology to protect their current assets and extend to a sustainable future.


For over twenty years, habitusnet has been providing international companies in Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, and Norway, top-notch IT services, consulting, delivery, and great support. Our IT experts have broad business skills as well as technology and product knowledge.


Habitusnet Consulting’s cloud services offer technology solutions for your business that are secure, easier to use, and oftentimes more affordable for small businesses.

We also strive to work closely with clients to develop a trusted, long-term, relationship. We like to become a cost-effective extension of their businesses rather than just another, service provider.