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A start-up after 12 years?


What is a start-up?  What defines it?

I often explain to people that I work at a start-up.  Those who have asked, “How can a start-up last for 12 years?”, I have the answer in the form of a good quote for Eric Ries. “A start-up is a human institution designed to create something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty.”  This definition is far more accurate than a measurement of size or duration.  I have linked his Lean Startup talk here because while many people have seen it, not all know of it and you may find it useful.   I really like the way he describes his learning through failure and what it really all means.  There is certainly many ideas of entrepreneurship but learning from others and learning by doing seem to be one very effective university of the “pivot”.

One more thing…
If you don’t already know of the book and concepts of working through your business via a business model canvas. I suggest you look into it. I find the visual tool to be much more effective than a classic business plan.

“failure is the great equalizer for quality”