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Managing Director

A change agent who works ahead of the crowd, Agustin is at his best when a situation or challenge is too new to have a “rule book” or instruction manual. He is a techie, entrepreneur, and early adopter who is passionate about seeing technology used effectively for the best possible purposes. With roots spread all over the world, from Mexico to Seattle, Agustin has been based in Zürich for the last 15 years, with a small 2-3 year New York life in between.

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Why business technology consulting? To apply 25 years of computer trend forecasting to make the best possible choices in the gamble of technology-related decisions. Applying the “right” technology depends on your specific situation and goals. Habitusnet identifies how it can serve your business needs. Platform-agnostic and vendor-independent, this is a company that knows from that no one size fits all.

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