Of course, Switzerland is known for its financial services sector, and as many of our clients come from that field, we understand the high value they place on data security, compliance and confidentiality. Our lead systems security consultant has over 20 years’ experience building and maintaining the most exacting of systems to meet the rigorous compliance standards of the banking industry. Combining this expertise with our location, we are able to offer our clients unique secure solutions that focus on keeping data safe and secure within the geographical boundaries of Switzerland.

Switzerland is a world leader in data protection and our solutions are based in our Swiss data centre, an ideal place to protect your most precious digital assets. Meeting stringent security standards, it is ISO 27001 certified, and provides outstanding physical security that would be hard to replicate in a standard office.

Switzerland is renowned for its neutrality; it is a stable nation that is politically and economically independent of world powers. With the most robust privacy laws in the world your data gains ultimate privacy and an extra layer of legal protection. This concentrated focus on security in our country gives you not only the most knowledgeable system architects but also the most secure data centre options anywhere in the world.

Our client base of global financial service companies includes hedge funds, trusts and family offices and we have developed a number of highly secure solutions with the focus on protecting data within the confines of the data centre. We facilitate security in many organisations by removing data from the desktop. This keeps critical intellectual property highly secure and helps radically simplify regulatory compliance. For maximum protection and security we can also lock down and monitor the endpoints to prevent copying from the image to the local machine. Remote users clearly benefit as sensitive data is stored on the server in the data centre and not on the device which can be lost or stolen.

We combine our expertise in virtualisation with security to provide a number of highly secure hybrid cloud solutions. Our clients can fully access the benefits of the public cloud whilst maintaining their business critical systems and sensitive company and client data in a private cloud, in our secure Swiss data centre. Many companies have not yet capitalised on the advantages of virtualisation due to concerns over security and compliance. Allow our consultants to introduce you to innovative solutions with a focus on security that significantly reduces risk and actually saves you money.

Whatever your needs, security is at the heart of everything we do. We cover a whole range of secure solutions from secure online backup and transfer services to private secure global communication systems. We look forward to discussing your needs further.