When it works, it’s invisible

One thing’s for sure: today, technology is a given. Even the smallest business has to deal with IT, whether it’s email, word processing, websites, electronic payments, or  managing customer relationships. You may drive your car (or ride your bike) every day, but you probably don’t want to have to retrain as a mechanic to keep it running. The same goes for your business IT. You want it to work. If it’s working, you shouldn’t even notice it. That’s where managed services come in.

What is ‘Managed Services’?

It’s not having to worry about day-to-day IT problems, because you have experts monitoring, managing and proactively tuning your systems. It’s focusing on your core business and having people at the other end of the phone when there is a problem. It’s having support on-call so that you can resolve problems quickly and minimise employee downtime. It’s the flexibility of not having to keep IT personnel on staff.

Why do I need it?

Just like any complex organism, IT systems need to be looked after.

– Updating software avoids security breaches and fixes known bugs

–  Monitoring disk space and network performance helps to proactively address issues before they affect your work

– Alerts and notifications flag potential problems

– Remote access support means we can solve your problem fast, no matter where you are

Along with these, we can take on the systems administrator role when you need to coordinate with vendors: for maintenance and warranty issues, licensing, networking and service provider issues. We maintain an expert overview of your systems for a predictable, low monthly cost.

How much does it cost?

The monthly cost can be as low as SFr. 150, depending on the size and complexity of your IT environment, and of course, which options you choose, such as backup, security, and support. Contact us now for a quote, and compare it to the amount of time and effort you and your employees could save by getting day-to-day IT maintenance off your list.