Ask yourself

Is your business getting what it needs from technology? Is your IT working for you?

Are you missing out on something that could transform the way you do business?

Spending just an hour considering these questions with us could save you a lot of time and money in the future.

The Technology Audit

Our tech audits help you to identify the weaknesses in your business systems, with the goal of improving how you work now and avoiding costly and time-consuming problems in the future.
What’s stopping you from getting where you want to go? As well as fundamental business continuity issues, we will analyse your IT in the light of your business goals and work with you to align them.

●  What are you spending too much time on?

●  What are your biggest IT headaches?

●  How effectively can your staff collaborate with each other?

●  How well can you communicate with customers and suppliers?

●  How can customers and potential customers get in touch with you?

●  Where are the weakest links? Is there a single point of failure?

●  Do your staff know how to use the technology you’ve got in ways that maximises the company’s potential?

●  Can employees work remotely if they need to?

●  Have you got sufficient disaster recovery planning? Which applications and data does your business rely on?

Why us?

This proactive approach is what we’ve been offering clients for ten years. We don’t sit back and wait until we hear a call for help. If we see something that could be better, we flag it for you, make a recommendation, and you decide what to do about it.

We won’t recommend change for change’s sake. If it’s working (and it will continue to provide value in the future), then don’t fix it. But if we save you half an hour a month for the next three years, then an hour with us will have been worth it.

The tech audit starts with a one-hour meeting. Call us today to make an appointment.