Think beyond keeping things running

A successful business needs more than maintenance, and IT is about more than keeping your systems running. Having the right IT strategy can transform your company from a follower into a leader.

You need someone who’s looking “two curves ahead” to foresee what developments in technology might mean for your business.

Who within your business:

– Formulates medium- and long-term technology strategies and plans for growth?
– Takes a senior-level approach to information and data integrity across the company?
– Understands how technological changes can affect other aspects of the business: client communications, marketing, compliance?
– Envisions ways in which IT becomes a profitable part of your business instead of a drain on your resources?

Executive-level technology expertise on call

Your company can reap the benefits of this kind of executive-level thinking without hiring a full-time Chief Information Officer. Our on-call Technology Officer service offers a dedicated focus on your business needs and an overview of your systems and strategy while keeping to the budget that you set.

On a simple level, you need to make sure you have enough resources and make the right technology choices to allow your business to grow and prosper. Beyond that, there are numerous ways that IT can start to contribute to your business in a positive and transforming way:

  1. What opportunities could there be for your business in mobile devices and apps?
  2. How can you use web-based applications and social media to listen to and communicate with a new generation of customers?
  3. How can your business use technology to increase customer satisfaction and thus maximise recommendations and repeat business?

The “technology roadmap”

Every good leader knows that you set out your basic values and goals before taking the steps towards achieving them. The principle of “keeping the end in mind” is just as applicable to your IT needs. Considering and planning your long-term strategy can pay great dividends when investing in technology. Do you want to spend more on what you’ve got or take a new direction? We work with you to identify how your can align your systems to your business. Underlying the relationship is trust and our belief that technology should make your life easier and provide value for your business.