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Administration, Marketing & Communications
Title Entrepreneurial Office manager / communications lead
Categories Administration, Marketing & Communications
Salary negotiable
Start Date 2015-05-01
Location Zurich, Switzerland
Job Information

As an office manager & marketing communications specialist you are our glue that sticks all the different departments of a business together but also customer facing. It is your job to make sure the business runs smoothly by supervising office processes, admin (things like budgets, payroll and time sheets), develop customer relationships and to cultivate a good workplace.

Our ideal candidate will be open to being a business partner/owner of a dedicated support organization in the future.
While this initial role is for a single company’s office manager/marcom specialist, the role will expand over the next year.

Tasks will include:


  • Control of office/business budgets
  • Keeping record of all necessary details related to the organization like the organization’s purchase and sales transactions, reports and invoices, receipts etc
  • Supervising overall financial and operational management, systems, controls and planning with the director
  • Designing, implementing and handling the organization’s operations architecture
  • Handling the administration work in an efficient manner
  • Coordinating with various departments of an organization
  • Supervising and monitoring the work of clerical and secretarial staff
  • Completing payroll paperwork and timesheets
  • Coordinating meetings and appointments
  • Organizing office
  • Discussing problems with staff
  • Reporting to management to review office performance
  • Organizing and leading induction programs for new joiners


  • Direct and coordinate company sales and marketing functions.
  • Develop and coordinate sales selling cycle and methodology.
  • Direct and oversee the company marketing function to identify and develop new customers for products and services.
  • Research and develop strategies and plans which identify marketing opportunities, direct marketing, and new project development.
  • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of sales, methods, costs, and results.
  • Develop and manage sales and marketing budgets, and oversee the development and management of internal operating budgets.
  • Plan and coordinate public affairs, and communications efforts, to include public relations and community outreach.
  • Directly manage major and critical developing client accounts, and coordinate the management of all other accounts.
  • Participate in the development of new project proposals.
  • Establish and implement short- and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.

We are small and all get our “hands busy” solving problems and managing the work space.

Hours and environment
You’ll basically work 8:30 to 17:30, unless it’s a particularly busy time in the office – for example if you’re in charge of an office move.

Skills and interests
The role involves working with everyone in the business and balancing lots of different needs and tasks so, apart from being tireless, the most important skills you can demonstrate are a good way with people and great organizational abilities.

We would like:

  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Languages: English & Business level German
  • Proactive at problem-solving
  • Confident project management
  • Good at multi-tasking
  • Reliability
  • Interested in developing IT skills and driven in learning new approaches
  • Show strong initiative
  • Hands-on attitude
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