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Security … privacy does not mean you have something to hide.

Security … privacy does not mean you have something to hide.


It has been a while since I have considered discussing technical security as it tends to be a complicated topic that is not really important unless you are afraid of a force you don’t control.

Whether it is a government agency with dubious intentions, a personal secret you need to keep private or a virus that targets a universal weakness, the value of protecting data is much more important than most people consider on a day-to-day basis.

I want to present an example:

WhatApp.   Maybe some of you know it.  Many people use it daily or by the minute.  It seems personal because you hold it in your hands and message people to save money on SMS or because it is a fairly common, platform independent messaging platform for mobile devices.  Seems innocent enough… but did you know that anyone that is interested could impersonate and hijack your account?   For those that want to know the technical details or at least the specific details, look here.  “WhatsApp is broken, really broken.”  How important is this?

Well, just like many things with regard to technical innovation in society, when you begin to depend on it, it moves from a “luxury” to “utility”.  With over a Billion users worldwide.  It is not just a small security problem to have everyone’s person data.

iPhone’s/MacOS’s “iMessage” 

It seems that the messages sent via iMessage are quite a bit more secure than WhatsApp.  (iMessage Security: iMessage what security features are present) However, the practicality of the security and the access to a massive amount of data with a compromised AppleID is significant.  With the iMessage platform being available on your Mac(s) and your iPhone… and even to add to the detail that should someone startup a backup of your mac on a new device and have a login to your Mac with a your iMessage installed, they only need to start the application on your Mac to have access to a massive amount of your data not just future but previous.

Why do you care?  Why should you care?  The American Political System… that is just one very good reason to care. 

The Feinstein-Lee amendment to partially nullify the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA (which allows for Americans to be arrested and basically disappeared without due process) passed last week to much Demolishcrat sound bites about freedom, etc. Please note that Obama has threatened to veto this amendment, created by his own party, and even took the extreme measure of protecting those provisions last year by suing in federal court to make sure that they remained intact. *Seems some pesky do-gooders (Chris Hedges, Dennis Kucinich, and many other pinko liberal commies) had filed suit against the NDAA as being, wait for it… “unconstitutional and a law that codifies tyranny”.

But thank goodness that we have brave Demolishcrats like Feinstein and Lee to save us, eh? Only problem is, their amendment includes the following restriction:

“An authorization to use military force, a declaration of war, or any similar authority shall not authorize the detention without charge or trial of a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States apprehended in the United States, UNLESS AN ACT OF CONGRESS EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZES SUCH DETENTION.”

So the Feinstein-Lee amendment effectively nullifies its own purpose in nullifying the indefinite detention clauses of the NDAA because the NDAA is AN ACT OF CONGRESS that EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZES SUCH DETENTION. 

Clever, eh?? Similar to the recent Whistleblower Protection Act that Obama signed, which helps not at all Mr Manning or several NSA whistleblowers who have let the public know about gross waste of taxpayer money AND that what you say, tweet, email, or text, is recorded and saved by the security agencies. (16 or 17 agencies, at last count) According to one NSA agent….”everything you communicate, literally everything, is saved.”

Good luck, and good night. (Sweet dreams to you too, CIA, AFISRA, INSCOM, DIA, MCIA, NGA, NRO, NSA, ONI, OICI, I&A, CGI, FBI, DEA/ONSI, INR, TFI, and of course, the TSA.)

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