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iPad. Yep. Pretty Cool stuff… will be a hit in Europe (My take)


I am already getting some requests.  Europe is a key market for iPad.

Welcome, again, to the Post-PC Era.  I would imagine that there will be 1-2 of these in peoples daily lives.

This is Gen1 and the demand will be very high.

I like it overall.
I expect it to be a pretty big hit. (it is a tough sell but Apple may be able to breach the market and introduce a new segment.)

Apple is not invincible to mistakes, iTV and Air are not big hits while quite still nice products.

This iPad will work if price, availability and the accessories market plays catch-up.  I think it will.

In some ways, it is meant to compete with the Air and mini laptop class.  I am impressed overall.

It is highly network dependent but still decent for offline working with the web and screen.  The key missing piece is still Adobe Flash support.  In fact, I read a rumour that the support for Flash is less than the iPhone.  That seems really silly.

According to the Jobs slides, a WiFi only model should be available in 60 days internationally.

Deal subsidised models will be later. The International telecom deals start in June.  Which means if you are really lucky, you will need to grab them in one of the larger markets (UK, DE, NL). The key point is that the ipad is unlocked… which means you could replace the micro-sim in each region to keep roaming data costs down.

I see a bright future for the iPad.

Reminds me of a the MP3 stories when ipod first came out.  Apple was late to the market and cost driven companies, like creative labs, were in the lead.

Everyone talked about Apple as an old horse in a race… like… this won’t work.  Boy were they wrong.