In the area of business technology “one size fits all” doesn’t exist. Your business requirements will determine your virtual platform and Habitusnet’s real world experience provides you with a broad perspective of the platforms which are available. Determining which platform provides you with the best solution is an important part of the transition to a virtual operating environment.

Allow us to advise you on this and help you build a custom solution. The transition to virtual is not a simple technological matter. There are important business considerations to be made such as choosing a reliable provider, setting up business continuity processes and software licensing.

Converting from physical to virtual can bring great benefits but isn’t always a simple procedure especially when complex legacy systems are involved. With over 20 years of experience in developing IT systems, Habitusnet understands the ramifications of virtualisation processes.

Concerns over security and compliance have often prevented companies from making the switch. Habitusnet specialises in creating secure systems for our financial clients and are well placed to provide you with highly secure hybrid cloud solutions. Such solutions mean you can access the benefits of the public cloud whilst maintaining your business-critical systems and sensitive company and client data in a private cloud kept secure in a secure Swiss data centre.