VMware is the most trusted virtualization vendor across all industries and company sizes, used by more than 250,000 customers worldwide. With VMware, you can keep your business running with business continuity protection, and improve productivity by enabling end users to access their applications from any device. VMware’s policy-based automation keeps IT management simple and secure to save you time and provide peace of mind.


Protect your business
• Get high availability for your existing applications, using the hardware you already have
• Enable secure delivery of data, apps, and desktop environments to end users anywhere, from any device
• Strengthen security with automated patch management and state-aware, virtualized security policies Simplify iT and improve productivity
• Improve productivity for your end users with collaboration, including integration or mash-ups with other applications to streamline workflow
• Simplify SMB IT with intuitive web-based management that keeps technology out of your way while putting it at your service

Save money
• Consolidate workloads from 20 servers to 3 to save on hardware and operating costs
• Reduce application costs by 50-75% with an email and collaboration solution that is more cost-effective to deploy and manage
• Simplify end user device management with virtualized desktops

VMware View 
The gold standard for desktop virtualization VMware View delivers a rich, personalized desktop as a centrally managed service. End users can get a consistent high performance desktop experience from any device whether in office or on the go.

View enables you to:
• Deliver business continuity for end users with high availability desktops running on the industry-leading vSphere virtualization platform.
• Provide end user flexibility by enabling secure delivery of data, applications and desktop environments to end users anywhere, from any device – all while you maintain IT control
• Save by centralizing desktop administration for remote users or offices. Migrate or upgrade operating systems and applications with less downtime, or get more out of your existing desktop assets and eliminate the need to recertify applications.

SMB Challenges Today

Small and Midsize Businesses face the unique challenge of ensuring high application availability and managing an increasingly complex IT environment all without the budgets of much larger IT organizations. End users expect greater flexibility and access to resources from multiple devices, but are stuck with desktop-centric email solutions with limited offline capabilities.

VMware Solutions for SMB

Protect your business with vSphere, the industry’s leading virtualization platform, which provides built-in business continuity for all your applications. vSphere High Availability automatically restarts applications when server failures occur, and vSphere Fault Tolerance can ensure no disruption even in the face of a server failure. With VMware View desktop virtualization, vSphere’s business continuity benefits can also be extended to your end user environments.

To simplify IT, VMware provides intuitive management so the technology stays out of the way. vCenter Server can ensure your most important apps perform at their best with just a few mouse clicks. Zimbra provides simplified management of end user mailboxes, while VMware Go enables you to manage your virtual and physical infrastructure via your Web browser.  VMware helps SMB save in several ways. vSphere consolidates server workloads and automates management to help you save time and money, and View enables you to centrally manage desktops for remote employees or offices. To help save on application costs, Zimbra provides cost-effective and feature-rich email collaboration solutions. End users can continue to use their favorite email client.