While the debate continues on Windows and whether it’s losing overall market share, Microsoft is still the dominant force in enterprise. Habitusnet Consulting AG based in Zurich has been serving the SMEs sector in Switzerland for over 14 years. Our consultants have been designing, building, and maintaining large scale Windows infrastructure since the early 90s. This in-depth experience gained over many years gives us a valuable perspective as virtualisation, mobile devices and remote working practices change the way Windows systems are provisioned in business.

For mainstream businesses, the Windows operating system is still the platform of choice. However, it needs to integrate with an increasing number of non-Windows devices that are brought into the workplace. We provide a virtual office solution that integrates Macbooks and iPads with Windows for clients who require this flexibility. Our long history with Microsoft enables to us to manage and secure these endpoints without compromising data protection or system security. We have developed a number of highly secure Windows solutions for our clients in the Swiss financial service sector. Our Windows solutions are all based around our Swiss data centre, combining jurisdictional protection with secure access for remote global working

Mobile devices are another challenging area for Windows integration and Microsoft appears to be lagging behind in this significant and high growth area. Businesses today need an IT partner that can secure a myriad of devices so that they can integrate with the Windows environment. Whilst iPhone and Blackberry seem to be the most popular devices with executives the iPad and tablet devices are also profoundly changing the way we work. Our aim is to assist our customers with total connectivity in their professional activities, wherever and whatever the connection device.

Microsoft is looking to the future with its virtualisation platforms Hyper-V and Azure cloud offering, Office 360, which provide some interesting options for your business. As virtualisation experts, one of our core competencies is supporting Windows legacy systems and their conversion from physical to virtual (p2v). Many companies fail to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technologies due to the complexity of their existing Windows legacy systems, with security and compliance being the other areas of concern. With our unique focus in the Swiss market we have become leaders in highly secure hybrid cloud solutions for enterprise.

When our consultants engage with you on a project, they don’t just take a technological approach. They are grounded in business processes, fully understanding the implications of new technologies on working practice, remote access and the need for robust IT risk management programmes. Whilst there is much anti-Microsoft sentiment in the marketplace, our interest is to provide you with the most fitting solutions to meet your needs using all technologies and services available. We are a truly independent small business solution provider that builds bespoke solutions drawing on our wide portfolio of products. Microsoft still has some great products and tools and as a Microsoft Small Business Partner you can be assured of our superior service, professional conduct and complete commitment.

We look forward to discussing your needs and explaining how Windows can be the backbone of your IT infrastructure.